Terms and Conditions

Listed below are our company's Terms and Conditions:

Tour Price

Our tour price is subject to no change once booking is confirmed.

Payment Terms

Depending on the service requested, payment must be made as of the amount deposit stated in the website or in full upon confirmation or your reservation will be cancelled automatically, please inquire for your particular service. 

Conclusion of Booking Contract

  • Specific bookings for Tours with Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd  must be made in writing or by e-mail. Bookings are deemed to be a binding declaration of intent on the part of the customer.
  • No contract shall be formed with Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd until Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd has confirmed the booking with the customer in writing or by e-mail ("Booking Confirmation").
  • Similarly, any changes to a binding booking may only be made in writing or by e-mail.


You may make payment in any one of the currencies supported on this website, currently Ringgit Malaysia. The applicable exchange rates of the supported currencies shall be determined at the sole discretion of SANUBARY TRAVELS SDN BHD from time to time. The exchange rates determined shall be final and is not negotiable. 


  •  All details and the description of the Tours in brochures and on the internet etc. are merely provided as a general indication of the services available. They do not constitute a guarantee of a certain way of running the Tours. Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd is liable only for providing the services expressly stated in the Booking Confirmation.
  • Due to the possibility of unexpected waiting times or unforeseeable, short-term closures of certain establishments (e.g., Kl Tower, Genting Highland Outdoor Theme Park etc.), Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd is unable to guarantee that its tour will allow participants on their tour of the respective establishments if the time frame predetermined for the tour has already been exceeded. If admission tickets to a particular establishment were reserved through the Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd, the driver will hand said tickets over to the tour participants so that they may visit the establishment in question at a time of their own choosing (which must however be within the validity period of the ticket). 

Limitation of Liability

For damage other than personal injury, we shall only be liable if the damage was caused by our intentional misconduct or gross negligence, or by a breach of material contractual obligations (major obligations). If Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd negligently breaches its major obligations, its liability shall be limited to such loss or damage which is reasonably foreseeable in connection with the contract. Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd's liability shall in any event be limited to three times the value of the offered services. This limitation of liability also applies to Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd's vicarious agents.

Cancellation and rebooking by the customer; failure to show up

  • Customers may cancel their booking free of charge by notifying Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd in writing or by e-mail by 12:00pm at least two (2) working days (Mon-Fri except for public holidays, 24 December and 31 December) prior to the date of the tour. After such time, a cancellation fee of 100% of the costs of the tour applies – in such a case the customer is required to pay the agreed price in full. Relevant for the purposes of determining the date of cancellation is the date on which Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd receives the written or e-mailed (at the e-mail address stated in the Booking Confirmation) notice of cancellation.
  • The agreed price is also payable in full if a customer or a group fails to show up for a booked tour.
  • In all cases, the customer is allowed to prove that Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd did not suffer any damage or suffered substantially less damage as a result of the cancellation or failure to show up. Notwithstanding the fixed amount referred to above, Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd reserves the right to demand higher compensation based on individual calculations.
  • Sanubary Travels Sdn Bhd reserves the right to apply a shorter cancellation period during peak booking periods, trade fairs and for tours scheduled on public holidays. The relevant quote and Booking Confirmation contain details of the shorter cancellation period and the associated terms and conditions of cancellation.